Explore the Possibility of Rabbits as Pets

Those who find they cannot share a home with a dog or cat may want to look to a rabbit as a pet companion. Rabbits are intelligent, sociable animals that can also be trained to live contentedly indoors with their human family.

Young rabbits are most prone to mischief, but as rabbits are trained and get older, they can make ideal pets.

While it is fine to give a rabbit free-run of the house, crate training early on is a way to teach rabbits boundaries and bathroom basics. Like a cat, rabbits can be litter box trained. As the rabbit becomes more and more familiar with visiting the litter box, he can be given more freedom throughout the house.

Similar to dogs and cats, neutering and spaying is one element of peaceful cohabitation with a rabbit, and it also prevents unwanted bunnies. Unneutered rabbits may mark their territories or show territorial aggression. They may also chew more readily. Therefore, visit a rabbit veterinarian to determine if neutering is an appropriate option for your pet at his or her age.

Rabbits are known to chew, so rabbit-proofing a home is essential. Cover up any loose cords and be sure to provide plenty of chew toys so that your pet will not want to chew the furniture or other inappropriate items instead. Use positive rewards to teach good behavior.

Rabbits groom themselves like cats and are prone to hairballs. These can become dangerous because a rabbit cannot expel the hairball as readily as a cat would. So regular brushing and grooming of a rabbit can help prevent problems.

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