Afternoon Drive with Kyle Knight

Kyle Knight – Weekday’s 3p – 7p

Afternoon Drive Playback Links:
Kyle’s Critters For 3/23/17
Monday Brainbuster
Tuesday Brainbuster
Wednesday Brainbuster
Thursday Brainbuster

Show Highlights:
3:25 PM  Brainbuster Question of the Day
3:50 PM Friday Funny (Friday Only) 
4:20 Random Facts Of The Day Brought to you by: The Painted Cowgirl in Greenwich.
4:35 PM Stories That Made The Music
4:45 PM Kyle’s Critters with the Erie County Humane Society (Thursday Only)
5:05 PM Drive At Five Brought to you by: Corso’s Landscaping.
6:20 PM Brainbuster Replay