CMA Hosts’ Package Deal

Brad Paisley says that hosting the CMA Awards each year has become a package deal like he wouldn’t be up for it if it didn’t involve hosting partner and friend Carrie Underwood. As Brad shares, both of them have talked about it: “We’ve both talked about that a little bit just that it feels great with the two of us and I can’t see hosting that show with somebody else, you know, I… there’s things that you can see yourself doing in the future with others artists but as far as that goes that really… that really works with the two of us we work so well together and we’ve figured it out. We’ve figured out who each other are I think and it’s a really fun important thing I really take this show very seriously and we go into it both of us work very hard to make sure this is unique and try to make it fun and entertaining and you want one or two of those moments that people talk about a year later.”