And Now We Know Where She Gets Her Songs

Taylor Swift finds the inspiration for many of her songs from the heartaches and sadness in her past, but just how does she turn these emotions into hit songs. Taylor recently sat down with 60 Minutes Overtime to share some of the secrets of her songwriting.  Swift says, “I break down emotions into like 50 million categories.” Then Taylor singles out one of those categories to further break it down. Swift continues, “So, let’s say you’re taking one of the big categories, which is sadness. There’s the missing-him kind of sadness. There’s the frustrated-and-confused, don’t-know-why-it-ended kind of sadness. There’s the I-know-we-can’t-be-together-but-I-just-miss-you-right-now sadness. Or there’s the sadness that’s kind of tinged with anger. There’s a sadness that has guilt with it. There’s sadness that has a little bit of hope he’ll come back.”