Lee Brice Celebrates #1 Single

Lee Brice celebrated the success of his number one single, “Hard To Love,” at a party held at the CMA headquarters in Nashville yesterday. Before the party started, Lee talked about choosing this song and recognizing its potential when he first heard it.

Brice also saw something significant in the song that he thought symbolized who he is. He shares: “It was a song that I had gravitated to number one, and number two, I was like ‘that’s a hit’ and then the title pretty much that day I thought ‘what a great album title.’ So there was like that day all of that kind of came together the whole album kinda meshed together. I’m not the kind of guy to put out just stuff that I hear every day. It ain’t all about trucks and, you know, fields and stuff. It is…That is a part of who I am. But that’s not really what I was looking for. I wanted something that really meant something really to me. And that song was…it was like the new picture of me, you know, it was me.”